LAST TO RISE by Francis Knight

Francis Knight’s Rojan Dijon series may have had some issues, but it certainly finished strong with LAST TO RISE.

Throughout the series, it always felt as though Knight had some difficulty with her protagonist, Rojan. He was consistently described as a selfish, grouchy bastard, but the character we got to know throughout the trilogy wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be. Sure, his constant complaints about religion and class differences grew tiresome, but while they consistently talked about how irresponsible Rojan was, he was also constantly stepping up, and he seemed to be stepping up from the very beginning. That disconnect wasn’t enough to ruin the book for me, but it was disconcerting at times.

Fortunately, Knight finished the book strong with a powerful ending that was perfect for this world and this character. The themes of religion, sacrifice and heroism weren’t subtle throughout the trilogy, and at times Knight beat those ideas over my head to the point of annoyance, but the ending tied all those themes together and really did an excellent job of pulling the whole story together.

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