PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan

It took me a little bit of time to fully dive into the world of PROMISE OF BLOOD, but it didn’t take long for me to become fully engaged in a fantasy world that was completely different from anything else I’ve read before.

The story revolves around Tamas, a military commander who overthrows his king; his son, Taniel; and Adamat, an inspector Tamas hires to solve the mysteries that surround him as he attempts to establish a new government with enemies on all sides. McClellan does an excellent job of giving you a sense that each of these characters has a rich backstory full of powerful events that took place before the book ever started, allowing interesting aspects of their personalities to display themselves throughout the story. Even the secondary stories are fully realized, giving the story a welcome depth.

The story includes a number of different magic systems and I’m not sure I entirely understand them all, I really enjoyed many of our main characters’ abilities to use gunpowder to fuel their magic, as well as seeing the limitations of those magical abilities. It’s all very well thought out, and I have a feeling that as I read future books I’ll learn even more about the rules that govern magic in this world.

While the magic is strong, for me, it’s always about the characters, and I found myself enjoying all three of the main POV characters. McClellan does an excellent job of surrounding all three with interesting, likeable secondary characters I always want to learn just a bit more about.

I’ve already noticed that McClellan has several short stories for sale on the Amazon Kindle store, so I may read one or two to tide me over until THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN publishes next month.

2 thoughts on “PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan

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