Very helpful … THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING & PR by David Meerman Scott

As someone who recently transitioned from journalism into marketing and public relations for a community college, I have a hard time imagining a book that was more spot on for me in terms of taking my skill set and helping me understand some of the best ways to apply them in helping people learn about what my college has to offer.

Some of the tips in the book were items I was already doing, but there were many others that I haven’t begun to take advantage of, and Scott’s methods and the examples he offers has me excited to try them out. As I read, there were a lot of ideas that I immediately recognized would help me in my role, and I could easily envision ways in which we could successfully apply them to our mission. Even better, these are all easy, affordable ideas, so I don’t need to ask my bosses for a huge investment to show quick results.

I had already been doing a good job of providing solid content marketing on behalf of my college, but I really believe this book will help me take things to the next level. I plan on keeping this book in my Kindle for easy, regular reference.

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